Beetlejuice at The Savoy Cinema, Nottingham
Monday 24th February at 8:30pm

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Adam and Barbara Maitland intend to use their vacation to redecorate their home, but plans are put on hold when they find out they just died in a car accident, and their spirits are destined to remain trapped inside the house for the next 125 years.

Just as the fledgling ghosts are coming to terms with their new existence, the peace is shattered by a new family moving in; realtor Charles Deetz, his teenage Goth daughter Lydia and Charles's dramatic wife, Delia. Adam and Barbara try their hardest to scare the new family away. But when their attempts fail and they call on a "freelance bio-exorcist" for help, they regret their decision immediately when the rebellious and unpredictable Betelguese wreaks havoc for both the living and the dead.

With fantastical set design, inventive practical effects, and a kitsch, catchy soundtrack from Harry Belafonte and Danny Elfman, Beetlejuice is the wild ride to the underworld not to be missed on the big screen!