27 June 2022

When 16th Century Scotsman Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) is badly injured during a battle, but inexplicably survives, he learns from an Egyptian swordsman (Sean Connery) that he is an immortal warrior with a clearly written destiny. Not only is he fated to outlive his true love by hundreds of years, but he must protect his own life for centuries to come, in order to fight for the ultimate prize - the power of all the immortals through time!

More than 450 years later, Connor finally comes face-to-face with his nemesis The Kurgan (Clancy Brown), but New York City in 1985 proves to be a very different battlefield to the Highlands of Scotland... So who will win??

With a glorious '80s Queen soundtrack, some very questionable accents, and scant regard for historical accuracy, Highlander is the bonkers action-fantasy romp not to be missed on the big screen!