24 January 2022

In the 23rd century, high school graduate Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien), his girlfriend Carmen (Denise Richards), and their psychic friend Carl (Neil Patrick Harris) are excited to enlist in the Federal Service, ready to join Earth's interstellar battle against a colony of vicious extra-terrestrial arachnids known as "bugs". The three part ways when they're assigned roles according to their skills and strengths; Johnny becomes a 'Starship Trooper' - part of the Mobile Infantry - Carmen becomes a spaceship pilot and Carl joins Military Intelligence.

As the years progress and the war against the bugs rages on, their lives and careers encounter twists and turns, but destiny will bring them together once again, when the fate of the human race depends on it most.

With an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects, Paul Verhoeven's signature satire slicing through the Hollywood sheen, and shed loads of action, romance, and gore throughout, Starship Troopers is the mega-galactic masterpiece not to be missed on the big screen!